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If you want to learn C#, you need our C# Tutorial Package! It will allow you to read the entire tutorial in a PDF file, without any disturbing ads, on your preferred device (desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet). But perhaps even more importantly, you will get all the code samples for you to explore and modify, to get a much better understanding of how the code works.

The Complete Package

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C# Code Samples


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C# Tutorial PDF
230 pages
C# Code Samples
150 samples

We have made the ultimate package to help you learn C#! Here's what you'll get:

Tutorial Sample Code [ 150 samples]

You also get a complete collection of all the essential samples found in the articles, neatly organized in a Visual Studio solution and tied together with a sample browser. Our sample browser allows you to read the article and then test the included examples, but perhaps more importantly: it allows you to easily read and modify the code of all examples!

Have a look in this short video (less than 30 seconds), to see how you can work with our Sample Browser:

C# Tutorial PDF [ 230 pages]

You get all the articles of this website, compiled into a nicely formatted PDF file so that you can read it without interruptions on your PC, your tablet, your smartphone or even on good, old fashioned printed paper. No disturbing ads - just great content:

C# Tutorial PDF

Here's how the PDF looks when using Chrome as the PDF reader on a desktop PC.

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