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Data types:


In a previous article, we briefly discussed the concept of data types. Because C# is a strongly typed language, there are a LOT of data types that you want to know at some point. To get you started, we talked a bit about the most basic stuff, like strings, integers and booleans. Because data types is a very theoretic and slightly boring subject to start with, I wanted to show you a bit of programming magic before diving further into the subject.

However, now the time has come to learn more about data types. During the next articles, I will dig a lot deeper into each data type, so you know which data type to use for various tasks and how to work with them.

At this point, you may choose to read each article, skip some of them or skip them all entirely for now, because they are very theoretic and depending on how you like to learn stuff, it might still be a bit too theoretical for now. If so, don't worry about it - just move on and then return when you want to know more about one or several of the C# data types.

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