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Article/Chapter Progress
Getting started
100% complete
Visual Studio Community
100% complete
Hello, world!
100% complete
Hello world explained
100% complete
The Basics
100% complete
Data types
100% complete
100% complete
Function parameters
100% complete
Code Comments
99% complete
Control Structures
The if statement
100% complete
The switch statement
100% complete
100% complete
Introduction to C# classes
100% complete
100% complete
Constructors and destructors
100% complete
Method overloading
100% complete
100% complete
Static members
100% complete
100% complete
Abstract classes
49% complete
More abstract classes Not started
Interfaces Not started
5% complete
Constants (the const keyword)
77% complete
Partial Classes Not started
Arrays Not started
10% complete
Dictionaries Not started
Data types
Introduction Not started
19% complete
Integers Not started
Floating points Not started
The Char type Not started
Strings Not started
Working with Dates & Time Not started
Nullable types Not started
Implicitly typed variables (the var keyword) Not started
The dynamic Type Not started
The ExpandoObject Not started
Anonymous Types Not started
Introduction Not started
Comparison operators Not started
Increment/decrement operators Not started
Addition assignment operators Not started
The NULL coalescing operator Not started
The String Interpolation Operator Not started
Introduction Not started
LINQ: Query Syntax vs. Method syntax Not started
Filtering data: the Where() method Not started
Sorting data: the OrderBy() & ThenBy() methods Not started
Limiting data: the Take() & Skip() methods Not started
Data transformations: the Select() method Not started
Grouping data: the GroupBy() Method Not started
Working with Culture & Regions
Introduction Not started
Application Culture & UICulture Not started
The CultureInfo class Not started
The RegionInfo class Not started
Regular Expressions (Regex)
Introduction Not started
Searching with the Regex Class Not started
Search/Replace with the Regex Class Not started
Introduction to debugging Not started
Breakpoints Not started
Stepping through the code Not started
The tool windows Not started
Advanced breakpoints Not started
Advanced topics
Enumerations Not started
Exception handling Not started
Structs Not started
Introduction to XML with C#
100% complete
Reading XML with the XmlReader class
41% complete
Reading XML with the XmlDocument class Not started
Working with the XmlNode class
100% complete
Using XPath with the XmlDocument class Not started
Writing XML with the XmlWriter class Not started
Writing XML with the XmlDocument class Not started
C# 3.0
Introduction to C# 3.0 Not started
Automatic properties Not started
Object Initializers Not started
Collection Initializers Not started
Extension Methods Not started
File handling
Reading and writing files Not started
Manipulating files and directories Not started
File and directory information Not started
Reflection introduction
100% complete
The right Type
100% complete
Instantiating a class
100% complete
A Reflection based settings class
27% complete