This article is currently in the process of being translated into Hebrew (~24% done).

Getting started:

Visual Studio Community

ויז'ואל סטודיו (באנגלית - Visual Studio) היא סביבת פיתוח משולבת (באנגלית - IDE) מקצועית שרבים ממפתחי NET. בוחרים בה. היא יוצרה על ידי מיקרוסופט, שגם מפתחים את מערכת NET. וכן גם את #C, אז לבחירה זו יש יתרונות רבים. היסטורית, VS (קיצור ל-Visual Studio) הייתה יקרה לשימוש, אבל למזלנו, כבר שנים רבות מיקרוסופט מציעה גרסה חינמית למפתחים פרטיים.

Previously, this free version came in separate versions for various tasks, e.g. Visual C# Express, Visual Web Developer and so on. However, now the name is simply Visual Studio Community and just like the Express versions, it's a lighter version of the professional version of Visual Studio. This means that you will be missing out on some functionality, but don't worry about it - the Community edition contains all but the most advanced features and it will be more than enough to learn C# through this tutorial.

Download Visual Studio Community

So, to get started with this tutorial, go ahead and download Visual Studio Community from Here's a direct link to the download page:

As soon as you have downloaded and installed it, you are ready to proceed with the next articles, where we will create your very first C# application.

Not using Windows?

Don't worry, there's a version for macOS as well - just follow the link above and be sure to select the version of Visual Studio Community for macOS!