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Selamat datang ke tutorial C#. Dengan pengenalan >NET framework, Microsoft menyertakan bahasa baru yang dipanggil C#(di sebut C Sharp). C# direka untuk menjadi bahasa pengaturcaraan yang berteraskan-objek, menggunapakai konsep kunci daripada beberapa bahasa lain, lebih-lebih lagi Java.

C# could theoretically be compiled to machine code, but in real life, it's always used in combination with the .NET framework. Therefore, applications written in C#, requires the .NET framework to be installed on the computer running the application. While the .NET framework makes it possible to use a wide range of languages, C# is sometimes referred to as THE .NET language, perhaps because it was designed together with the framework.

C# is an Object Oriented language and does not offer global variables or functions. Everything is wrapped in classes, even simple types like int and string, which inherit from the System.Object class.

In the following chapters, you will be guided through the most important topics about C#.